60,000 Saturns Recalled By GM For Faulty Gear Shifts

General Motors is recalling more cars after finding faulty gear shifts in 60,000 Saturns. The automatic transmission shift levers can possibly shift into the wrong gear. General Motors admitted on May 6th that they have known about the Saturn Gear Shift problem for approx 1 year. The gear shift problem has lead to 28 accidents and at least 4 injuries related to the gear shift issue. This Saturn recall has now increased the General Motor total recall to over 7 million vehicles. In letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it would reimburse owners for the repairs to these Saturns. However General Motors did not address why the recall came nearly a year after the gear issue was first found. General Motors also did not address if or how they would compensate owners for loss of value or diminished value of these Saturns. Previously a large number of Saturns were recalled by General Motors for faulty ignitions. Just a day earlier General Motors issued a recall of it's 2013 Cadillac SRX because of acceleration issues. This new recall appears to only effect the the Saturn Aura midsize cars. There have been reports that Saturns have been rolling away as the drivers believed they had put the cars in park.

This new Saturn Recall is due to the fact that a gear shift cable can break while the car is being driven. Drivers can move the gear shift but the car would not shift into another gear. The Saturn Recall covers model years of 2007 and 2008.

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