GM Ordered 500K Ignition Switches before the Recall

New documents have been uncovered that shows General Motors ordered around 500,000 replacement ignition switches months before it annouced the recall. GM already paid a $35 million fine to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration earlier this year for delaying its ignition recall. GM Contractor Sarah Missentzis on Dec 18th sent an email to Delphi Automotive saying "I will need to secure a total of 500,000 pcs, at this time. I am not sure if you have any stock you can provide prior to the holiday break or not". It was said that order was marked as "urgent". The Justice Department is currently investigating General Motors regarding it's handling of the ignition switch recall. This news comes on the same day the GM Compensation Fund approved yet another Death Claim bringing the total number of GM Death Claims to 32.

General Motor's CEO Mary Barra has been called into question on when she knew about the defective ignition switches. She testified before that GM moved quickly to annouce a recall as soon as they learned about the defect. The attorney who released the email is reporting that in the period of time between this new discovered "urgent" order and the time of the recall, there were at least 85 injuries and 1 reported GM ignition switch death. Barra was appointed as CEO of General Motors eight days prior to the order. Barra testified, in front of Congress that she and other executives at GM were first alerted to the defective ignition switch recall in on Jan 31st. Barra's exact statement is that General Motors acted "without hesitation." What's particulary damning, is that if GM knew about the defect, they could have made the annoucement and tell customers to remove keys from the key ring it could have saved lives.

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