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BCA in Investigating Lawsuits over the Volkswagon Recall

BCA is currently interested in speaking with the owner of the following Volkswagen models and years.

* Volkswagen Golf (2009-2015 model years)
* Volkswagen Jetta (2009-2015 model years)
* Volkswagen New Beetle (2009-2015 model years)
* Volkswagen Passat (2014-2015 model years)
* Audi A3 (2009-2015 model years)

Learn more about Filing a Volkswagon Recall Lawsuit Claim

BCA Investigating GM Car Fire Lawsuits

GM has recalled 1.4 million cars due a car fire risk after a defect was found and never properly fixed. GM also does not currently have a solution for these car fire risks that can cause serious injury and property damage. Click to learn if you qualify for a GM Car Fire Lawsuit.

Brent Coon and Associates are now investigating Trinity Guardrail Lawsuits

Trinity Guardrails have been linked to injuries and death after a whistle blower alerted authorities of a fatal change in design as a cost cutting measure. If you have injured in a guardrail accident, you may be entitled to compensation, click here to learn how to file a Trinity Guardrail lawsuit.

GM Compensation Fund Death Toll at 42

On Dec 15th the GM Compensation Fund approved a 42nd death compensation claim. The General Motors compensation fund, overseen by Kenneth Feinberg was scheduled to end this month. Read more about the General Motors Compensation Fund

General Motors Extend Compensation Fund Deadline

Ken Feinberg the adminstrator of the GM Compensation Fund has extended the deadline to file a GM Ignition Switch Claim by a month, until Jan 31st. This comes on the heels of multiple voices calling for an extension of the deadline. Read more about the GM Compensation Fund.

Victims Left Out of GM Compensation Fund

New details reveal that only victims of the GM Ignition recall which own one of the cars that part of the initial 2.6 million recall in February are eligible for compensation via the fund. Read More.

The GM Compensation Fund Reportedly Weeks Away

Kenneth Feinberg has stated in a recent email that a General Motors Compensation Fund is only a few weeks away from being announced. This announcement of a General Motors Settlement Fund could come on the heels of U.S. Attorney Anton Valukas's independent investigation on General Motor's recall of vehicles with faulty ignition switches. Read More

GM Recall Airbag Knowledge Lacking

There have at least 13 reported deaths linked the ignition recall of over 2.6 million General Motor vechiles. Regulators said last month that these General Motors car's air bag should have worked up to 60 seconds after the engine stalled. General Motor's has recently stated these reports all false, the engine only had enough power for the air bags to deploy for 150 millionseconds after the power failed. Read about GM Air Bag Recall Lawyers >

Saturns Recalled By GM For Faulty Gear Shifts

General Motors is recalling more cars after finding faulty gear shifts in 60,000 Saturns. The automatic transmission shift levers can possibly shift into the wrong gear. General Motors admitted on May 6th that they have known about the Saturn Gear Shift problem for approx 1 year. The gear shift problem has lead to 28 accidents and at least 4 injuries related to the gear shift issue. Read More.

GM Recalls 2013 Cadillac SRX Due to Lagging Acceleration Issue

General Motors is now recalling all 2013 Cadillac SRX crossover vechicles due to delays in the acceleration. The faulty ignition is due to a computer problem that controls the transmission. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said in a statement "there may be a three to four second lag in acceleration due to the transmission." General Motors said they are recalling over 50,000 2013 Cadillac SRX cars. While there is a potiental that this new GM defect can cause an accident, but no 2013 Cadillac SRX accidents have been reported due to this defect.

General Motors said that this new problem occurs when the transmission shifts from 1st to 2nd gear and when the car brakes to under 5 miles per hour. General Motors admitted that this problem increases the risk of an accident for people driving the Cadillac. The raises total number of General Motors recalled vehicles to about 7 million.

General Motors Recall Settlement Fund?

Multiple news outlets are reporting that General Motors is exploring a possible GM Recall Settlement fund. In certain ways this would wave many of the defenses of the GM recall litigation. General Motors has retained Kenneth Feinberg to assist in developing a compensation program. When speaking to CNBC Mr. Feinberg stated: "(General Motors) asking me to help develop some sort of program that might be used to compensate eligible claimants." Feinberg didn't speculate on who would be eligible for this possible General Motors settlement fund. Nor would he speculate on any method that could possible be used to calculate damages or potiential compensation. There has been some speculation that General Motors will be asked to compensate General Motors customers for diminished value of the vechicles. General Motors has declined comment on the possible GM Settlement Fund.

General Motors Asks Court to Bar Lawsuits

GM has stated they will ask U.s. car to bar lawsuits from the recent General Motors Ignition Recall. General Motors wants any actions prior to GM's 2009 bankruptcy to not count in terms of litigation. On Tues April 14th, General Motors asked for a stay on litigation until a judicial panel decides on a motion to consolidate and the bankruptcy court rules if General Motors violated it's 2009 bankruptcy sale order. There are already lawsuits filed against General Motors for injury claims steming from the ignition recall. Also, some owners of the recalled cars have filed lawsuits due to loss of value. General Motors has also hired Ken Feinberg to assist in helping General Motors assess compensation in this litigation.



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