Requred Documentation - GM Compensation Fund

Below is a sample list of all the required documents when filing with the General Motors Compenstation Fund. Brent Coon and Associates has an extensive history when dealing with settlement funds. BCA won Mass Tort Litigation Department of the Year in 2013 for it's work on the BP Settlement Fund. Texas Lawyer choose BCA as part of an elite group of outstanding law firms that have had a major impact on law in the state of Texas. See below for some of the documentation you would be required to obtain when filing with the General Motors settlement fund. BCA can help track down and organize your effects to try to ensure a maximum recovery of your GM Compensation Claim.

List of GM Compensation Fund Documents

This is a partial list of all the documents required when filing a GM Compensation Claim when a death occured in the accident.

Official Police Report contemporaneous with the accident date (including any attachments, photographs or supplemental reports)

Documentation of the Vehicle Identification Number (“VIN”) or other information confirming that the vehicle involved in the accident is an Eligible Vehicle

Contemporaneous vehicle computer data captured by the Eligible Vehicle’s Event Data Recorder and Sensing and Diagnostic Module (“EDR”/”SDM”)

Auto Insurance Policy of the Eligible Vehicle involved in the accident

Contemporaneous Auto Insurance Company Report of the accident

Contemporaneous third-party accident reports (i.e., fire department, insurance company, insurance adjuster, towing company, ambulance/paramedic, employer reports if a company owned vehicle was involved, or workers’ compensation report if the Victim was on the job at the time of the accident)

Proof of Replacement of Part Number 10392423 if vehicle is included in Eligible Vehicle list of Service Part Vehicles

Death Certificate

Contemporaneous Hospital Admission Record

Documentation of all post-accident treatment received, such as clearly defined medical records or explanation of benefits

Documentation of all demands for reimbursement and all liens asserted by private insurance companies, government healthcare programs (e.g. Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Administration healthcare benefits, TRICARE, Indian Health Services, etc.) and/or any other private insurance or group health coverage arrangement, healthcare provider or facility

HIPAA Release Form (for U.S. Claimants) or PHIPA Consent Form (Canadian Claimants) signed by the Personal/Legal Representative of the Victim

Victim's Earning Supporting Documentation GM Compensation Fund

  • Base Salary/Wages (for the most recent year preceding the accident)
  • Pay Stub(s)
  • Salary Letter
  • Year-End Pay Statement(s)
  • Year-End Benefits Statement(s)
  • Bonus or Commission Letter
  • Overtime Stub(s)

Victim’s Tax Return for the three years preceding the Victim’s death

Future Earnings Loss:

  • Bonus Letter for Future Payment
  • Promotion Letter
  • Contract/Employment Agreement
  • Final Pay Statement
  • Final Benefit Statement

How to File a General Motors Lawsuit

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