GM Recall For Fire Problems

GM is now recalling 1.4 million cars after learning that oil leaks in certain cars can cause fires. There have been reports of oil leaking while cars are parked, causing fires and setting garages and homes a blaze. This comes after 2 previous oil fire recalls didn't fix the defect. GM does not have a solution to the problem yet and are simply telling people to park outside. The current cars in the GM Oil Fire recall include:

-1997-2004 Pontiac Grand Prix

-2000-2004 Chevrolet Impala

-1998-1999 Chevrolet Lumina

-1998-2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

-1998-1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue

-1997-2004 Buick Regal

It is not known exactly how many injuries or how much property damage is currently linked to these defective GM cars. The issue with the latest fire recall is that the valve cover gasket can degrade, which allows oil to spill out. Then oil drops can leak into the exhaust and then a fire begins. There are reports of fire catching about 5 minutes after they are parked. In cases where owners suffer injuries due to GM Fire Recall Cars, owners may potentially receive compensation for your past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, disability, lost income. Also, there may be compensation for property damages in cases where a recalled GM car catches a garage, car port or home on fire. Make sure to check pack to the "Car Fire Lawsuit" section of this website as we will be updating the list of GM makes and models that are recalled due to a fire risk.

How to File a General Motors Car Fire Lawsuit

If you own on of the GM cars above, and suffered personal injury or property damage due to GM Recalled Car Fire, you may be entitled to compensation via a GM Car Fire Lawsuit. BCA recently made national news by filing multiple fatality lawsuits over defective guardrails. We are currently not investigating diminished value claims, but only instances were a GM oil fire caused damage. Brent Coon and Associates has extensive experience in personal injury lawsuits including automobile recall. Each General Motors lawsuit is different and our General Motors Recall lawyers will walk you through the steps required to ensure you maximum recovery. We have represented numerous victims of negligence, as well as the families of those victims. Some of our clients have been awarded or settled for millions of dollars. If you have been a victim due to the recall of General Motor automobiles, contact our General Motors Fire Recall Lawyers for a Free General Motors Claim Evaluation or contact us today at: 855-435-5839.


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