What is my General Motors Case Worth?

Every General Motors lawsuit is different and our GM Recall lawyers will work with you recover the most money possible based on your situation. It has already been estimated by some legal insiders that General Motors is already being asked to pay anywhere between 6 and 10 billion dollars over this latest ignition recall. There have been a number of reported deaths reportedly linked to the list of cars that have been recalled by General Motors. GM itself has noted that it is aware of at least 12 deaths related to faulty ignitions it placed in these cars. Another determining factor is a report that GM engineers were already aware of this dangerous defect and yet did nothing to address it. A deposition taken in 2010 shows discussions between 2 engineers noting that the noticed that the engine would shut down should the car be bumped. When asked for comment on this pending litigation a General Motors spokesman said: "GM is focused now on ensuring the safety and peace of mind of our customers involved in the recall".

General Motors Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In the infamous Toyota recall it was estimated they needed to set aside billions to settle their litigation. Then in 2014, Toyota reached an agreement to settle it's criminal charges for approx $1.2 billion dollars. The most serious lawsuits in the GM Recall and the possible General Motors Class action are those involving a fatality. In this case, our General Motors Recall Lawyers will file a wrongful death lawsuit on your behalf. There have already been lawsuits filed against General Motors claiming they concealed the ignition defect. Brent Coon and Associates was international recognized for it's work on the wrongful death lawsuit involving Eva Rowe in 2006 after the Texas City Explosion. In addition to an undisclosed settlement, Brent Coon negotiated that millions of pages of evidence that would be used in trial be released to the public. At the time of this historic settlement Ms Rowe said: “I’m proud to have had a lawyer like Brent Coon fight, like a bulldog, to hold BP accountable for killing 15 of its own workers, including my mom and dad. BP found out the hard way that Brent and I weren’t going to go away quietly: we forced BP to contribute millions of dollars to better education and healthcare for our oil workers. And by forcing them to publicly release their documents, we made an entire industry accountable for ignoring dangerous realities and have forced them to – hopefully – learn from their mistakes. I hope people look at our case and become inspired to take on CEO’s who put profits over safety. And I hope they get a lawyer like Brent Coon.”

General Motors Diminution in Value Claims

In addition to filing a lawsuit for a wrongful death, BCA is investigating the filing of diminution of value claims against General Motors. By definition diminution of value is a legal term used when calculating damages in a legal dispute, and describes a measure of value lost due to a circumstance that caused the loss. In addition you may be entitled to compensation for any of the following that falls outside of diminution of value. You may be entitled to a General Motors Recall recovery if you experienced mental anguish, physical pain, or suffering, loss of earnings, medical expenses or punitive damages. The limitions of your General Motors lawsuit are unique to each individual situation. To learn more about the options regarding your potential General Motors lawsuit, complete the form the right and our GM attorneys will review your case at no charge. BCA is plaintiff law firm which means we work on a contingency basis. Our law firm does not get paid until we get you your recovery first.

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The law firm of Brent Coon and Associates has extensive experience in mass recall lawsuits nationwide. Each General Motors Recall lawsuit is unique and our General Motors Recall lawyers will help walk you through the steps to make sure you get a maximum recovery. We have represented numerous victims of negligence, as well as the families of those victims. We will fight for you rights including taking the General Motors lawsuit to trial if needed. BCA prides in self on being a public policy firm. In addition to getting you a recovery, we will work tirelessly to make sure this tragedy never happens again. BCA has been awarded litigation department of the year for it's work on the BP Oil Spill. If you have been a victim due to the recall of General Motor automobiles, contact our General Motors Recall Lawyers for a Free General Motors Claim Evaluation or contact us today at: 855-435-5839.

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