How to I File a General Motors Lawsuit Claim

Our General Motors Lawyers are currently constructing the legal steps in order to help assist you in filing a lawsuit against General Motors for this latest ignition recall. The best current advice is to contact a General Motors Recall lawyer at 855-435-5839. Each GM Recall lawsuit is different and based on your specific situation we will need some specific information regarding your claim. As a baseline for you lawsuit, we recommend you have the following information available

  • Make/Model of Your GM Vehicle
  • Accident History Report related to your GM vehicle crash
  • Medical Report related to your GM vehicle crash
  • Any information on repairs needed following you GM vehicle crash
  • Any Police accounts of what happened during you accident
  • In worst case scenario, the cause of death listed on the death certificate related to a loved one's GM Recall accident.

Any of this information can help us expedite and file your General Motors lawsuit as quickly as possible and ensure you gain what you are financially entitled to. Contact our General Motors Recall Lawyers at 855-435-5839 today for a full review of the required documentation needed to file a lawsuit against General Motors today.

File a General Motors Lawsuit

The law firm of Brent Coon and Associates has extensive experience in mass recall lawsuits nationwide. Each General Motors Recall lawsuit is unique and our General Motors Recall lawyers will help walk you through the steps to make sure you get a maximum recovery. We have represented numerous victims of negligence, as well as the families of those victims. We will fight for you rights including taking the General Motors lawsuit to trial if needed. BCA prides in self on being a public policy firm. In addition to getting you a recovery, we will work tirelessly to make sure this tragedy never happens again. BCA has been awarded litigation department of the year for it's work on the BP Oil Spill. If you have been a victim due to the recall of General Motor automobiles, contact our General Motors Recall Lawyers for a Free General Motors Claim Evaluation or contact us today at: 855-435-5839.


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