200K GM Recall Documents Released, Smoking Gun GM Doc Found

On April 11, 2014, two hundred thousand General Motors Recall Documents were released by congressional investigators regarding the General Motors Recall. An important document was released which looks to make it clear, the timeline for this recall which caused the death of at least 13 people. According to the fax cover sheet, GM engineer Ray DeGiorgio agreed to implement changes in the ignition switch without changing the part number. According to many industry experts this decision, to not change the GM ignition part number, caused years of delays which may have factored extreme lack of reaction. Again this General Motors recall, by GM's own admission, resulted in at least 13 deaths. Some media outlets have reported that the number of deaths from General Motors lack in reacting to this serious flaw, could be as high as 300.

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In addition, General Motors also has place senior engineer Gary Altman on paid leave. According to the released General Motors recall documents it was Gary Altman himself that first witnessed the ignition recall problem in his Chevy Colbat in 04. In a deposition later Altman said he felt the car was safe. Below is a current list of all the General Motors Recall testimony to date.

To view all of the documents that the Enery & Commerce Committee released regarding the RM recall, click here

Overall critics (including a spoof from Saturday Night Live) said that CEO Barra often focused on the "New GM" in Congressional Testimoney rather than focus on answers on why General Motors approved these ignition switches while not meeting company standards in the 2000's. In a statement, Frank Borris the head of NHTSA office of Defect Investigation reportedly wrote: “The general perception is that GM (General Motors) is slow to communicate, slow to act."

Watch the Energy and Commerce's Video on "What Took General Motors so Long to Respond?"

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